Lead Curiosity

Our children deserve our best.  We, as educators, are entrusted to almost co-raise the students we teach each year.  This is a responsibility we honor and we work tirelessly to provide the best learning environments and instruction every day.

But this is not easy.  Educators tire.  We need each other in collaborative ways that never existed a decade ago.  And we are able to empower each other in ways that never existed before.  Our profession is changing.

We believe that one of the best ways for educators to encourage each other is to ask a simple question whenever we have time together in conversation:

“What are you wondering about lately?”

Curiosity can energize weary teachers and leaders alike.  It brings us close to the heart of our naturally inquisitive students.  It brings out our best… to help us bring out their best.  Curiosity revives our passion for our craft.  It hands us back a bit of agency when we feel low in our reserves.

And it is fun to wonder.

So, to live that shared belief in the power of curiosity, we are choosing to blog about our questions for several reasons:

  • We wish to serve educators by empowering each other to stay uncertain – to stay curious about our craft.
  • We wish to hold each other accountable and support our current questions through writing.
  • We wish to provide a platform for others to ask their own questions, and for colleagues (whom they may never meet) to wonder with them along a train of thought.
  • We wish to accept the challenge to “never stop trying to learn and grow”.

After all, we are in the business of learning as educators. If it is good for our students, it is good for us, right?

So, what do you wonder? We invite you to frame a question for yourself.  Write it down.  Live that question for a week (or longer). Come back and share.

Let’s lead curiosity.

Let’s energize our craft

…for each other

… and for our students.


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