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Have you ever noticed this time of the year to be full of chatter?  Staff are inherently curious about what next year will look like.  Who will be teaching 5th grade?  What will they do about the open World Literature position?  Will a teaching position be reduced or reorganized?  The speculation goes on and on.

Since we know that April, May and June are filled with this kind of chatter, I am curious about what this does to a building’s culture and how people respond and react.

Does this kind of chatter build cohesiveness among the staff or tear it down?

How do you control it?

How do you direct it?

Part of us knows that we should turn away from the unproductive chatter that instills uncertainty and confusion within ourselves.  But how do you do that when it is everywhere and the content can be so compelling?

This is where my curiosity takes me today.


None of us are immune to the temptation to engage in the chatter.  It is spicy.  People are tired.

I guess we make choices for ourselves, we don’t judge others’ conversations, and we try to take a longer range view.  I love what one principal I know said last year about schools and teaching, “We get to do this.”  Changing one word – from “have” to “get” – makes all the difference.  She said it more like, “We GET to do this!”

I try to remember that quote in my tired times.  We GET to do this.  We GET to do this end-of-the-year season.  Things are unknown, but the one certain thing is that the last day of school is coming – no matter what.  And we GET to send our students off to their future.


Wondering about the chatter and role it plays in your school.  Chime in with us and let’s see where this “chatter” leads us.




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