Thank you, summer, for the time you’ve given us to refresh!

Thank you, summer, for the time to reconnect with our passion!

Thank you, summer, for the time to reflect on the goodness and greater purpose of what we do.

Thank you, summer… for the time!

Summertime…aahhh!  Summer is a time when educators can step back, rejuvenate, and power up for a new school year.  Some educators may argue that this is why we have summers in the first place!  But in all seriousness, when do we have time to revitalize ourselves when we are racing through the day and living by the clock?  Not many professions can claim that they live and breathe by the clock, but we sure do in education.  Minutes are precious and we strive endlessly to squeeze the most value out of each day.  We know that our year is packed and we race to get through everything on our lists before the school year comes to a halt.  Each spring it is a close call, but we make it.  Phew!

But then comes summer.

Summer gives our minds the time to refresh, reconnect and reflect … and it is GOOD.  We,  just like our students, need this gift of time.  We need time to think deeply about our interests and questions.  We need the openness and refreshing nature of summertime to focus on our specific passions.  This sustained depth and focus does something very unique for our brains.  

So why is this a state of mind reserved only for summer for many educators?  We noticed that we only take the time to go deep in our own learning when we have the mental freedom to make space for it.  Could we change that?  How might we make a choice to keep the mindset of summer all year long?  And, if this mental state is different for us because we are allowed the time to stay curious and think deeply about a subject or person, could that sprinkle throughout the school year in ways that are almost as energizing as summertime?  

We believe that this could be a reality and this is the year to make it happen!  Let’s keep the magic of summer alive this school year.  Let’s choose to live curiously… to live knowing that we don’t have it all figured out.  How might the choice to embrace a sense of wonder impact our thinking and our work with students?  What specifically would be interesting to explore deeply for yourself?  Yes, we are going to get bogged down with the beautiful hustle and bustle of the school life.  At the same time, let’s set some intentional goals before we become swept up in the speed of the year.  

  • What do you want to learn more about?  
  • What do you want to explore?
  • What are you curious about?  

Live that curiosity all year!  Wonder, explore, practice, refine, and repeat.  Be intentional with your curiosity and don’t let it go.  (And if you want a bit of support, take a look at what we created for you here:

So what about you?  This summer, how were you able to use this gift of time to refresh, reconnect, and reflect?   What will you stay curious about this year?

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