honestdirectrespectfulProbably one of the most challenging things we face each day are having the right conversations with our colleagues.  This post is inspired by this little book I read a while back and which always sticks in the back of my mind whenever conversations arise.  Honest Direct Respectful.  In his book, Dennis Adams coaches us on how to have the tough conversations with people and doing so in a respectful manner.  Honest, Direct, Respectful (HDR) work in sync to make sure the message is clear and still upholds the relationship of the parties involved.

So how does this relate to staying curious?

Curiosity is brewing in all of us and there are times that we need to find avenues on how to get our message out to others.  There is always the fear of how it will be received and what people might say or think.  Little do we realize the way our message is received is often dependent upon how it is said and delivered.  Great ideas can get bogged down and discounted if at any time a conversation veers from the HDR framework.

We are at a time in education where we need educators to be curious and to share their curiosity with others.  Isn’t that what the corporate world does?  They encourage new ideas, creative thinking, and risk taking.  Let’s encourage our colleagues in education to do the same thing.  With the right framework in place ideas can flow and develop into amazing things for our children.

By keeping our conversations:
Honest – share with colleagues what you are thinking and the ideas that you have.
Direct – don’t beat around the bush, people are not mind readers and they can’t always interpret accurately what you are trying to say.
Respectful – consider how your message is coming across to others.  Be thoughtful in the words you use and the tone in which you deliver your message.   Respectfulness speaks volumes and your great idea can be lost if you fail in this regard.

What I am curious about is how do you create a culture that encourages and fosters Honest, Direct, Respectful communication among colleagues?


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