Why My Desk is in the Hallway

It’s nothing fancy, it’s nothing special.  Just a simple, ordinary (on sale) desk that I moved into the hallway.  Yep, the hallway… which is busy, noisy and a place where you are easily distracted.  It’s true, the times I am at my desk in the hall some may say I am not my most productive self.   In fact it is truly hard to accomplish much at all in terms of paperwork and reports.  I have a beautiful space inside the main office which offers a panoramic view of the playground with an amazing woods that turns brilliant colors in the fall as the backdrop.

IMG_3269Why do I forgo this incredible space for a spot in a noisy hallway?  It’s simple…to focus on what is most important to me… building relationships with staff and students and being a part of the hustle and bustle of school.  By definition, as the principal I am a part of the school and (hopefully) most children know me by name.  But do I really know them?  Can I recognize each child by name when I see them in the hallway?  Do I know what they did over the weekend or how many teeth they recently lost?  Could I see their joyful expressions as they are released to recess?  Would I be able to have vital, organic conversations with teachers as they stop to talk because I am there and available?  Probably not.

I moved my desk to the hallway so I wouldn’t miss these moments and could truly be a part of the school, not just a name.  It is a move I did with purpose and intention.   When I am at my desk I bring my laptop so that I can check emails or do work during my down time.  However, if someone is passing by I stop what I am doing to greet them and engage in conversation.  If children are passing by I say hello and make it a point to call them by name.

So yes, I moved my desk to the hallway because this is my work.  The opportunity to build relationships with colleagues and students cannot wait and you don’t want to miss a moment to make that happen.

How do you connect with your colleagues and students?   Please join in the conversation and share what works for you.

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