Today I am wondering about a page I read from Richard Allington’s book, What Really Matters in Response to Intervention.  Chapter 1 is titled “Why Struggling Readers Continue to Struggle” and the captivating sentence on the page reads…“Most struggling readers never catch up with their higher-achieving classmates because schools create school days for them where Read More →

This week I had one of those conversations that sticks with you. I was talking with a colleague about the several processes that work in concert as young children grow into readers.  Right in the middle of my sentence I was interrupted. “But do you really think teachers can learn all of those processes deeply enough Read More →

Curiosity is certainly changing for us as a culture. “In adults, diversive curiosity manifests itself as a restless desire for the new and the next.” (Ian Leslie, 2015) This is the kind of curiosity we find ourselves usually practicing as we scroll through websites, tweets and headlines.  We are hooked, as a society, on quick, stimulating information Read More →