Thank you, summer, for the time you’ve given us to refresh! Thank you, summer, for the time to reconnect with our passion! Thank you, summer, for the time to reflect on the goodness and greater purpose of what we do. Thank you, summer… for the time! Summertime…aahhh!  Summer is a time when educators can step Read More →

  I received a somewhat alarming email response last spring.  It was a compliment after I encouraged a teacher.   I spoke truth about her craft.  She had absolutely changed lives in her school last year.  She needed to hear it… to let it sink in. She replied, “You always have a way of making Read More →

The #PlutoFlyBy created a curiosity explosion for me this summer.  I couldn’t get enough.  I watched the moment more than once on NASA TV when the teams reported to the Mission Operation Manager (MOM).  It is fascinating to see a team receive word that their 10 year old question was answered.  Yes, it was a Read More →