As Erin and I stated in our 1st blog post, Staying Curious for Each Other, we want to take this space to stay curious and learn from the great educators around us.  So as we open ourselves up for new learning it is amazing how quickly it comes at us. As Tony Schwartz so eloquently Read More →

Probably one of the most challenging things we face each day are having the right conversations with our colleagues.  This post is inspired by this little book I read a while back and which always sticks in the back of my mind whenever conversations arise.  Honest Direct Respectful.  In his book, Dennis Adams coaches us Read More →

Why My Desk is in the Hallway It’s nothing fancy, it’s nothing special.  Just a simple, ordinary (on sale) desk that I moved into the hallway.  Yep, the hallway… which is busy, noisy and a place where you are easily distracted.  It’s true, the times I am at my desk in the hall some may Read More →