My daughter just learned to ride her bike.   What a euphoric moment to watch a child take off with a skill that will last a lifetime.  And it wasn’t easy.  Learning to ride means being somewhat comfortable with the possibility that you could fall.  That was a fear that took longer than normal for Read More →

It’s time to commit. It might not seem like curiosity is something that fits with commitment, but it does… especially for educators. During the school year, we have so many things vying for our attention and focus that opportunities for exploring our own questions are limited. Curiosity seems like a luxury during the I’m-so-busy-I-only-inhaled-2-bites-of-my-lunch days. We know. Schedules Read More →

Does it sometimes feel like you are “going rogue” if you start to question your practice as an educator? Does it feel a bit sneaky or undermining if you ask, “what if ….” or “what about….” or “why couldn’t we try…”? What if educators were all given the license to wonder freely and openly – to ask Read More →

Curiosity is sometimes thought of as a dreamy head-in-the-clouds state of mind.  It can be brushed off as a luxury when time is short and to-do lists are looming. “I’ll get to wondering about stuff again when I’m not so crazy-busy.” But what if curiosity could be a servant to the robust, heavy-lifting, hard parts of our work in Read More →

Classroom learning labs are changing things.  I have never seen a process so impactful.  This quiet, unassuming little model for professional learning is powerful beyond words. I’ve been utilizing classroom learning labs for professional learning for the past couple of years.  Every single time I facilitate a classroom learning lab,  the conversation goes deep about instructional practice Read More →

This week I had one of those conversations that sticks with you. I was talking with a colleague about the several processes that work in concert as young children grow into readers.  Right in the middle of my sentence I was interrupted. “But do you really think teachers can learn all of those processes deeply enough Read More →

Curiosity is certainly changing for us as a culture. “In adults, diversive curiosity manifests itself as a restless desire for the new and the next.” (Ian Leslie, 2015) This is the kind of curiosity we find ourselves usually practicing as we scroll through websites, tweets and headlines.  We are hooked, as a society, on quick, stimulating information Read More →

Thank you, summer, for the time you’ve given us to refresh! Thank you, summer, for the time to reconnect with our passion! Thank you, summer, for the time to reflect on the goodness and greater purpose of what we do. Thank you, summer… for the time! Summertime…aahhh!  Summer is a time when educators can step Read More →

  I received a somewhat alarming email response last spring.  It was a compliment after I encouraged a teacher.   I spoke truth about her craft.  She had absolutely changed lives in her school last year.  She needed to hear it… to let it sink in. She replied, “You always have a way of making Read More →

The #PlutoFlyBy created a curiosity explosion for me this summer.  I couldn’t get enough.  I watched the moment more than once on NASA TV when the teams reported to the Mission Operation Manager (MOM).  It is fascinating to see a team receive word that their 10 year old question was answered.  Yes, it was a Read More →